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[software]UpdateXpress - http://www.xpressapps.com/updateXpress_Product.shtm
This is a network administration tool that simplifies the propagation of updated files across a network. When a user double-clicks a shortcut on their local machine UpdateXpress checks if any specified linked files or folders are newer than those on the local drive, and if so, updates them before opening the desired target file.
Keywords: UpdateXpress; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; UpdateXpress
Downloads: 125
[software]QuickMirror - http://www.quickmirror.com/
This file management utility transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. Variations of mirroring are allowed through basic and advanced options. All mirroring actions can be saved in a log for review. A preview command allows you to test mirroring options on the source and destination folders, and when used with logging, provides a way to see the results of mirroring beforehand.
Keywords: QuickMirror; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; quickmirror
Downloads: 22
[software]Iside - http://www.littlelite.net/iside/
This program compares files and folders by computing their hash codes. The program includes a hash generating tool and a complete folder comparison tool. The hash functions let you determine if two files are different, even if their sizes are the same.
Keywords: Iside; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Iside
Downloads: 28
[software]zsCompare - http://www.zizasoft.com
Compare and synchronize files between local directories, networked computers, or pre-formatted writable CDs and DVDs. The program features built-in support for compressed archives, which allows you to compare and synchronize the contents of ZIP and JAR files.
Keywords: zsCompare; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; zsCompare
Downloads: 132
[software]PEDiff - http://www.mahatab.com
This program can compare the header information of two PE files and highlight the differences. After selecting two files you can compare DOS, file and optional headers, as well as section headers. You can also dump the PE headers of a file by using "Dump PE Headers" in the Compare menu.
Keywords: PEDiff; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; PEDiff
Downloads: 161
[software]Beyond Compare - http://www.scootersoftware.com
This is a directory compare utility and a file compare utility wrapped in one. Synchronize files between laptop and PC, home and office. Compare directory trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted. Display text files side-by-side with changes highlighted. Supports minor editing, Unicode text files and Delphi form files. Built-in FTP and ZIP support.
Keywords: Beyond Compare; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison
Downloads: 119
[software]OneOnOne - http://www.image-ination.com/oneonone/
Compare one folder or volume with another. Select the folders you want to compare and click the "examine" button. If the folders are identical, you will be notified. If they are not not identical, another window will open with a report of all differences, and you will be given an opportunity to adjust the differences.
Keywords: OneOnOne; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; OneOnOne
Downloads: 72
[software]filemanag - http://www.filemanag.com
This program synchronizes directories between home and office computers, for example. It can also be used to perform back-up operations.
Keywords: filemanag; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; filemanag
Downloads: 62
[software]VerMap - http://www.veryltd.com/VerMap/index.htm
Use this to perform comparison and synchronization of files by their version in two folder paths. For instance, you can use this to achieve the most updated and consistent modification of your Windows operation system. Note that this is intended for use by computer professionals only because improper use may lead to complete corruption of the system.
Keywords: VerMap; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; VerMap
Downloads: 29
[software]ExamXML - http://www.a7soft.com/
This program compares XML files. It provides several options for comprehensive comparison. Reloading files after changing any options is not necessary. The ExamXML can compare data from sources of many types, such as SQL servers and CSV files. After comparisons there are possibilities to synchronize elements, insert one element into opposite a tree and replace elements.During loading from an SQL server, the program converts data into XML...
Keywords: ExamXML; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; ExamXML
Downloads: 76
[software]MyZippa - http://www.saintlysoft.com
This program makes archiving multiple folders easier. It creates a separate archive for each one of the selected folders. You can save various combinations of folders into profiles, which can be loaded or run via the command line. Use the internal ZIP-compatible format or choose to use your favorite compression utility such as WinRAR or 7-ZIP. You can append the date and time to the archive names as well, allowing you to create multi-version backups...
Keywords: MyZippa; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; MyZippa
Downloads: 122
[software]AcuteFinder - http://www.hugmot.is/acutefinder/
This utility finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then delete the files or move them to an archive directory, saving disk space. The program uses CRC32 and MD5 to find identical files, with an option to search in ZIP files also. The program helps you reclaim wasted disk space.
Keywords: AcuteFinder; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; AcuteFinder
Downloads: 67
[software]HexCmp - http://www.fairdell.com
This program combines a binary file comparison tool with a hex editor. Comparisons are made on-the fly, while scrolling through files. It provides color highlighting, synchronous scrolling and an info panel. You can also compare parts of files. HexCmp supports files up to 2 GB. You can navigate among different blocks or files, choose the required parts of files to compare, set your own color scheme, and use the undo, redo and search functions...
Keywords: HexCmp; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; HexCmp
Downloads: 136
[software]DLSuperCBF - Directory Binary File Comparison - http://www.dlsuperc.com
DLSuperCBF is a flexible and useful directory comparison tool. It can compare contents of two directories including their subfolders. This can be useful when making and searching backup copies of directories. You can easily find modified files and make necessary changes. Select from a number of different criteria for comparison.
Keywords: DLSuperCBF - Directory Binary File Comparison; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; LSuperCBF; DLSupBF; SuperC; Compare; Binary Compare; folders; files
Downloads: 42
[software]HTML Match - http://www.htmlmatch.com
This HTML comparison tool allows you to analyze the changes between two revisions of an HTML file. Programmers can compare source code differences in a one-window composite view or a two-window, side-by-side layout. Web designers can view the changes in their browsers, as they appear, with the differences highlighted. Technical writers can compare the text content of the pages. The text is extracted from the pages, and differences appear in either a composite or a side-by-side layout.
Keywords: HTML Match; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; HTML; HTML Match
Downloads: 30
[software]Advanced CheckSum Verifier - http://www.irnis.net
Allows you to verify the accuracy of your data after you burn a CD or transfer files over a network. You can add a checksum file to your data files. It uses checksum files compatible with the MD5 sum utility and SFV for CRC32.
Keywords: Advanced CheckSum Verifier; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Advanced CheckSum Verifier
Downloads: 52
[software]ezbak.net - http://www.ezbak.com
This file sync tool lets you synchronize your important files on your laptop and home PC. The files sync over a networked PC. The program comes with free upgrades and support.
Keywords: ezbak.net; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; ezbak.net
Downloads: 12
[software]FileMap by BB - http://www.dogkennels.net/filemap/
This program makes lists of files in the Windows, System and root directories so you can constantly check what has been added or removed.
Keywords: FileMap by BB; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; FileMap
Downloads: 27
[software]Cute Mirror - http://www.cancellieri.org/cute_mirror_index.htm
This program compares two directory trees and tells you the differences, so you can selectively align files in either direction. Drag-and-drop is supported for file names.
Keywords: Cute Mirror; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Cute Mirror
Downloads: 26
[software]AJC Diff - http://www.ajcsoft.com
This program compares two files as text or binary. Files can be shown combined or side-by-side. You can view the full difference, context difference or differences only, and you can jump between next or previous difference. Differences can be color-coded according to your specifications.
Keywords: AJC Diff; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; AJC Diff
Downloads: 34
[software]Attribute Manager - http://www.miklsoft.com/attrman/index.html
This is a tool to change file and folder attributes, date and time stamps. It allows you to select which file information to modify and apply this to individual or multiple files. You can advise Attribute Manager not to change the whole object data, but only parts such as day, month, year, seconds, minutes or hours.
Keywords: Attribute Manager; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Attribute Manager
Downloads: 32
[software]Binary Comparison of Files - http://www.ax-systems.com/bcf.html
This utility compares two files in order to find possible distinctions. Bytes of files are compared in a binary mode. The address, code and symbolical representation are shown for different bytes. The codes may be shown as decimal, hexadecimal or octal numbers. The found distinctions may be saved as a text file, exported to Excel or printed.
Keywords: Binary Comparison of Files; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Binary Comparison of Files
Downloads: 48
[software]Synchromagic Pro - http://www.gelosoft.com/
This program provides synchronization of files and directories, either one-way or bi-directionally. Tasks can also be performed over a local area network, FTP and Internet kiosks. Multiple targets, silent mode, shutdown after synchronizing and e-mail reports are included. You can also create disaster recovery backups. A scheduler, invisible mode and dial-up support are included.
Keywords: Synchromagic Pro; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Synchromagic Pro
Downloads: 87
[software]Diff Doc - http://www.softinterface.com/MD/MD.htm
This is a folder and file compare and remediation utility. Use it to compare files of all types, including MS Word/Excel, PDF, RTF, Text, XML, HTML, and Wordperfect. Simply load the original and modified files, press the refresh button (or F5), and the document comparison will display promptly. Additionally, you can compare folders to see exactly what files have changed before doing a file comparison...
Keywords: Diff Doc; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; COMPARISON; Diff Doc
Downloads: 145
[software]Twin Folders - http://www.twinfolders.com
This is a file and directory synchronization utility. If you are working on two different computers, it allows you to keep the same information up-to-date on both machines.
Keywords: Twin Folders; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; SYNCH; SYNCHRONIZER; SYNC; SYNCHRONIZE; SYNCHRONIZATION; Twin Folders
Downloads: 38
[software]Comparator Fast - http://www.comparatorfast.com
This program allows you to change file attributes, detect missing files, detect new files and analyze duplicate files. It provides user-defined presets and accepts command-line parameters. It can detect unresolved files and use schedule software to program synchronization processes. It can compare text files for differences, integrates with external software, keep most recent folders and favorites folders and eliminate duplicate lines from text files...
Keywords: Comparator Fast; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Comparator Fast; Comparator; Fast
Downloads: 36
[software]Search of Similar Files - http://www.ax-systems.com/ssf.html
This is a utility for searching for similar files on disks. It allows you to narrow source and target groups of files for comparison from one file to several disks. It is also possible to set any combination of criteria of file similarity. You may set the mode of showing relationship between found similar files while watching them. For every file in source group you may view target group files similar only to it.
Keywords: Search of Similar Files; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Search of Similar Files
Downloads: 27
[software]Active File Compare - http://www.formulasoft.com
This is a utility for comparison and synchronization of any text files in visual mode. It represents results in two windows on screen side-by-side. This utility manages source code of programming languages like C++, Pascal, Java, Basic and Assembler. The algorithm of comparison finds differences both in small text files and in files having the large changes. The program has own file manager that allows you to compare contents of two folders, load files for the subsequent operations, and copy fil...
Keywords: Active File Compare; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; active file compare; activefilecompare
Downloads: 123
[software]Compare and Merge - http://www.compareandmerge.com
This is a visual file comparison utility. It lets you see the differences between text files, and makes it easy to resolve these differences.
Keywords: Compare and Merge; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Compare and Merge
Downloads: 63
[software]Directory Checker - http://bbussell.airweb.net/
This program compares two directories, side-by-side, including file version numbers. Compared fields include long filename, version and document revision number, last modified date and time, and size. You can select different filters, which limit the display, such as files that exist in one directory only, or files existing in both directories with different version numbers, sizes, or date and time...
Keywords: Directory Checker; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Directory Checker
Downloads: 36
[software]Jabosoft Archiver - http://www.jabosoft.com
This is a backup solution for your home PC or company. You can use it to perform automated backups.
Keywords: Jabosoft Archiver; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Jabosoft Archiver
Downloads: 104
[software]Visual Merge - http://www.vmerge.com
This is a visual folder synchronization and file merge utility. The program shows two files side-by-side and highlights the differences between them. The user can select which version will be used in the merged file with a single mouse click. Other features include tabular mode for spreadsheets, comment ignore mode to handle comments and differences only report mode.
Keywords: Visual Merge; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Visual Merge
Downloads: 79
[software]Simpli-File Statistics - http://www.batchtech.com
Choose a directory and this program will spit out information about the files and subfolders in that directory. It provides information about file sizes, file lines, dates and file types.
Keywords: Simpli-File Statistics; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Simpli-File Statistics
Downloads: 71
[software]UltraCompare Professional - http://www.ultracompare.com/
This is a compare and merge utility for text/binary files and folders. Drag and drop of folders and files to be compared or direct entry. The program supports bookmarks, and character differences are indicated with different colored text in displayed files. The favorites function supports quick access to commonly used items.
Keywords: UltraCompare Professional; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; UltraCompare Professional
Downloads: 57
[software]DeDupe - http://www.cellarstoneindia.com/dedupe/dedupe.htm
This utility assist users in analyzing duplicate files and increasing the hard disk space by deleting or compressing the duplicate files into a ZIP file, and moving the duplicate files to a folder. DeDupe identifies the duplicates only when the file names are same. This is compared against other duplicate files with the next level of match. You can mark files as not a duplicate or as a primary file...
Keywords: DeDupe; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; DeDupe - duplicate file finder; dedupe
Downloads: 53
[software]HexDiff - http://www.eftstudio.com
This is a management, viewing and comparison tool for text and binary data files. You can view your file and all of its modification information in the user interface. Any change will be marked with green or red in the vertical scroll bar, and you can move to the spot quickly with hotkeys. This also includes a file manager.
Keywords: HexDiff; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; hexdiff; hex diff; hex-diff
Downloads: 307
[software]Guiffy - http://www.guiffy.com
This is a visual compare-and-merge tool for Java platforms. It comes with JavaHelp and InstallAnywhere download kits for installation. The command-line interface supports integration with CM and SCM products. CVS integration, merge checkpoints and resumption, and folder compare controls are included.
Keywords: Guiffy; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; FILE COMPARE; JAVA; COMPARE; MERGE; Guiffy
Downloads: 92
[software]Duplicate File Finder - http://srhoda.250free.com
This file comparison program supports unlimited number of files, folders or drives. Drag and drop folders or shortcuts that you want to scan. You can load and save different search profiles, and the last used search profile is automatically saved on exit. The fast search algorithm offers various search options, and you can export duplicate file list information to various file formats.
Keywords: Duplicate File Finder; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Duplicate File Finder
Downloads: 1,351
[software]Compare Suite - http://www.comparesuite.com
This program provides file and folder comparison with merge and reporting abilities. File comparison deals with plain text, binary, office documents, such as MS Office files (DOC and XLS), Adobe Acrobat documents (PDF), Web pages (HTM). If you work with plain text, then you can edit compared documents and apply or decline changes. Finally, you can bring comparison details to simple or advanced structured reports.
Keywords: Compare Suite; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Compare Suite
Downloads: 54
[software]Visual Comparer - http://www.nikeware.com
This is a text file visual comparison software allowing you to see all the differences between two text files in a split screen view mode. Visual Comparer includes a text editor that supports both ANSI and Unicode files, as well as syntax highlighting for most popular programming languages including C++, C#, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, VBScript and Pascal. It provides line number display, bookmarking and printable HTML reports.
Keywords: Visual Comparer; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Visual Comparer
Downloads: 80
[software]ExamDiff Pro - http://www.prestosoft.com/ps.asp?page=edp_examdiffpro
This is a Windows tool for visual file and directory comparison. It allows you to visually compare text and binary files and directories, highlight differences down to the level of words or characters in changed lines and allow editing files within comparison panes. It also allows recursive directory comparison, creating directory snapshots for later comparison, performs synchronous word wrapping of long lines and automatically detects file or directory changes and prompts the user to re-compare...
Keywords: ExamDiff Pro; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; examdiff pro; examdiffpro; exan diff pro
Downloads: 66
[software]Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer - http://www.heatsoft.com/has/HASindex.html
This program automatically synchronizes, backs up, replicates and mirrors important files on most storage media, or between two computers on a network. You can compare and synchronize multiple folders simultaneously, and manual and automatic modes are supported.
Keywords: Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer
Downloads: 30
[software]ComparatorPro - http://SoftByteLabs.com
This program finds, deletes and copies over duplicate files; it will also find missing files and perform full backup routines. You can run the program's multi-language interface or create your own language by editing the language file directly. It features a time stamp threshold, and you can generate the file's CRC, compare files by content or access a dual-pane view of related folders.
Keywords: ComparatorPro; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; comparator pro; comparatorpro
Downloads: 33
[software]AJC Directory Synchronizer - http://www.ajcsoft.com
This is a directory comparison and synchronization program. The dual explorer view overlays two directory structures and their files on top of each other with color coding. Files can be compared, opened, deleted, renamed and copied. All settings are saved in a project for regular comparisons. Files can be synchronized by transferring in one direction or both directions, according to a set of comparison rules...
Keywords: AJC Directory Synchronizer; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; FILE COMPARE; SYNCHRONIZE; COMPARE; AJC Directory Synchronizer
Downloads: 32
[software]Dir QuickView - http://www.eshinesoft.com
This is a disk and file management utility. It includes seamless integration with the context menu for disk cleanups. Full detailed disk usage analysis in reports two formats, and you can compare directories easily.
Keywords: Dir QuickView; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; COMPARE; COMPARISON; FILE; VIEW; DIRECTORY; dir; quick; view; quickview
Downloads: 30
[software]DLSuperCX - Compare Directories and Files - http://www.dlsuperc.com
DLSuperCX is a program for comparing designated files from two directories. Binary file detection of compared directories reduces the "processing overhead" generally associated with such a process. It can also compare text files for differences. A variety of reports are generated to make it easier to find which changes have been made . The displayed text is color-coded based on whether it has changed or not.
Keywords: DLSuperCX - Compare Directories and Files; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; dlsupercx; compare; binary; text; file; management; manager
Downloads: 53
[software]Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization - http://www.heatsoft.com
This program compares and synchronizes folder contents. You can select your two directories to generate an easy-to follow side-by-side comparison. File size, time and date stamp, and attributes are shown, along with color-coded arrows marking the status of each file involved in the comparison. You can apply filespec filters, copy selected files to a third folder, and execute synchronizations. This program offers you a side-by-side view of two directories...
Keywords: Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization
Downloads: 71
[software]FolderMatch - http://www.foldermatch.com
This program compares and synchronizes any two folder trees or files. This offers one-button synchronization for the casual user and a full range of sophisticated tools for the power user.
Keywords: FolderMatch; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; WINDIFF; WDIFF; FILE COMPARE; COMPARISON; SYNCHRONIZATION; SYNC; COMPARE; foldermatch; file synchronization; folder; directory comparison; file management; compare
Downloads: 61
[software]NoClone - Find Duplicate Files - http://noclone.net
This utility finds and removes duplicate files thought byte-to-byte comparison, not comparison through CRC. It also automatically mark files for deletion. It marks duplicate files by date, version, size, folder and pattern, and you can save search sessions. The results can then be exported to a CSV file.
Downloads: 239
[software]Super Flexible File Synchronizer - http://www.superflexible.com
This software is used to back up data and to synchronize PCs, servers, and notebooks. Users can choose the user interface that suits them best--Wizard Mode or Advanced Mode. The settings are stored in multiple profiles, and the software comes with support for FTP servers, ZIP compression, data encryption, and a scheduler for automated backups. On Windows NT/2000/XP, or 2003 Server, the scheduler can run as a service without users having to log on...
Keywords: Super Flexible File Synchronizer; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; FTP SOFTWARE; SYNC; SYNCHRONIZATION; BACKUP; REPLICATION; UNICODE; FTP CLIENT; FILE TRANSFER; FILE MANAGER; FILE COMPARE; DISK MANAGER; COPY; COPIER; FTP; Super Flexible File Synchronizer
Downloads: 147
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